Clinically Integrated Network Outcomes

VNANE’s Clinically Integrated Network Members Continue Raising the Bar on Outcome Excellence

VNANE’s Clinically Integrated Network Members Continue Raising the Bar on Outcome Excellence
August 2015- Since creation and implementation of disease specific pathways in Nov. 2014, Visiting Nurse Associations of New England’s (VNANE) Clinically Integrated Network customers have enjoyed impressive improvement on VNANE’s already leading outcomes. With a Q2 showing under 10% at 9.6%, the re-hospitalization rate continues to well surpass Connecticut and Massachusetts State averages. The second quarter’s improvement follows quarter one’s which was a result of the Network’s implementation of the disease specific standards of care.

2014    Q1 2015                            Q2 2015     CT State Avg.*     MA State Avg.*
16%         12%                                   10%                 17%                          17%

*CMS Home Health Compare

“Since implementation of our Clinically Integrated Network’s disease specific pathways and protocols all of our outcome measures have shown impressive improvement!” Ed Devaney, CEO of VNANE says. Ed added, “This improvement continues to put us further ahead of industry standards.”

HDI Launches Collaboration with Visiting Nurse Associations of New England

The Health Care Delivery Institute (HDI) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has signed a five-year strategic affiliation agreement with the Visiting Nurse Associations of New England (VNANE) and its Clinically Integrated Network of home health and hospice providers. The affiliation agreement provides a framework to collaborate on research, educational and technology development projects that improve home health care delivery.
“Today, more health care is being delivered in the home and community and that will continue to increase in the years to come. At HDI we look for opportunities to make a positive impact across the whole continuum of health care delivery, so we are pleased to be teaming-up with home care experts,” said Vera Tice, managing director of HDI. “The goal of this new collaboration is to leverage our respective strengths for the betterment of patients and health care delivery in the home.”
VNANE is an umbrella organization that provides a range of administrative and support services for its members which are non-profit, community-based home health care agencies in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. VNANE is the largest provider network of its kind in New England. Its members deliver a comprehensive array of home health care and hospice services including skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, medical social work, nutrition counseling and end-of-life care.
“We are excited to begin this relationship with WPI,” said Everett M. (Ed) Devaney, FACHE, president and chief executive officer of VNANE. “We see a lot of opportunities to blend the clinical experience of our member organizations with the research, educational and engineering expertise at WPI and work on a wide range of projects that will benefit patients at home and our professionals who deliver their care.”
HDI is a university-wide multidisciplinary research and education organization that includes more than 30 research teams at WPI. HDI works collaboratively with industry, external healthcare providers, other academic and government partners to develop new patient-centric innovations to improve care and lower costs. WPI faculty researchers affiliated with HDI work in areas such as systems engineering, healthcare informatics and data analytics, digital health, advanced robotics (surgical, rehabilitative, assistive), disease management, and portable medical devices for monitoring and imaging.
Among the early initiatives now being explored through the HDI/VNANE collaboration are development and testing of sensors for the home to monitor patient wellbeing and detect falls; offering an online systems engineering course customized for home healthcare providers to help improve their workflow processes; and early-stage clinical field testing of devices and mobile applications for health care delivery under development at WPI.

Standards & Best Practices Quarterly Q&A Discusssion

Thanks to all who attended the Standards of Care Quarterly Q&A calls held on August 20 ant 21st.  The Q&A is available on the website and can be found under the Members Only and click on the VNANE Video Training button.  VNANE will continue to hold Q&A discussion calls on a quarterly basis via a teleconference and facilitated by members of the Quality & Clinical Integration Committee for the clinically integrated network. This is a great forum to bring any questions, suggestions or just to listen in to learn how other VNANE members are doing at this point in time.  The schedule for future Q&As follows:  Be sure to save the date: Thursday, 10/29/15 at 11:00  & Friday, 10/30/15 at 10:00



2014 Innovator Award

The Innovator Award was awarded to Home Health VNA of Lawrence, MA for their collaborative work with Lawrence General Hospital, Pentucket Medical Associates and Greater Lawrence Family Health Center to form the Merrimack Valley Health Information Exchange (MVHIE) collaborative. The goal was to develop an electronic mechanism to share information about shared patients to ensure quality care across the continuum to reduce issues in care transitions experienced by providers and patients, especially patients utilizing the ER for non urgent and/or chronic medical problems.  This January, the MVHIE collaborative successfully developed and implemented the secure infrastructure   that was necessary to connect MVHIE collaborating providers and enabled the electronic transmission of patient care information using the Massachusetts Health Care Information Exchange, otherwise known as Mass HIway.  Read the Innovator Nomination to learn more.  Congratulations to Home Health VNA for their Innovation.



Are you ready for ICD-10 coding?  As of 10/1/15, it is a CMS requirement.  CMS offers a newsletter with updates on the changes.  Use the following link to learn more: