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The Visiting Nurse Associations of New England (VNANE) is a membership organization of exceptional non-profit home health care, hospice and community-based agencies that secures and administers collaborative business relationships. We are committed to superior services to meet the needs of purchasers, providers, and consumers in the ever-changing healthcare environment.
Promoting evidence-based practices, the VNANE network strives to improve the health of communities across New England.

become-a-memebrOur Vision:

New England’s most trusted and valued partner for consumers, providers and purchasers at critical points of patient transition along the continuum of care.

Learn about membership benefits and membership eligibility here! You can also contact us for additional information.

VNANE respects the challenges of the health care marketplace, the needs of providers, and the objectives of purchaser partners and contract relationships. VNANE focuses on its customers and is oriented to the future!

Become a member of VNANE and:

Depend on an experienced team

  • Professional contracting resources since 1985
  • Serving Visiting Nurse Associations in the New England states
  • Unmatched expertise in managed care reimbursement

Secure efficient marketplace representation and management

  • Identifies new payer partners
  • Sustains long-term relationships and collaboration with major payers
  • Effective representation for cost-effective contracts

Depend on a provider of information that payers need

  • Tracks contract value to providers
  • Provides cost and outcomes benchmarking
  • source for emerging home health care and end of life care services and technologies
  • Maintains an on-line provider directory with search capabilities, including geographic coverage and provider clinical specialties
  • Provides details of provider capabilities for clinical specialties
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