Membership Benefits

    Reward your Agency with VNANE Membership!

    Members of the Visiting Nurse Associations of New England (VNANE) network reap benefits not available to independent agencies.

    • VNANE is the largest non-profit home health and hospice care provider network in the Northeast!
    • VNANE is committed to the support and success of non-profit home health and hospice care in the health care marketplace.

    Don’t do it alone! We are all in this together. VNANE represents your value and needs as a non-profit community provider in the health care market place. In its network contracting activities, VNANE

    • Identifies new contracts for home health and hospice care services
    • Manages 40 contracts for covered lives in MA, CT, RI and NH
    • Troubleshoots systemic contracts and transactions issues
    • Identifies and distributes best practices and guidelines for managed health care contracting
    • Provides online feedback on VNANE-secured business opportunities
    • Prepares and maintains member-only online access to essential contract information and troubleshooting advice
    • Offers members-only Cost and Home Health Outcomes Benchmarking
    • Conducts Satisfaction Surveys for continuous improvement
    • Coordinates Managed Care Forums for payer partners to advance knowledge of VNAs and their services
    • Promotes collaboration with payer partners to promote efficiencies and effectiveness in business transactions, medical services utilization and disease management

    As a member of the Visiting Nurse Associations of New England (VNANE) network, your agency also enjoys the following membership benefits:

    • Group Purchasing Options.
    • Home Care and Managed Care News.
    • Weekly Contracting Newsletter, first thing Monday
    • Annual and regional Membership Meetings
    • Contracting Education Programs
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